Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights convert solar energy in to electrical energy and store it in rechargeable battery during day time. The stored energy is used at night to lit the solar powered street lights. It has a fair backup of 36-48hrs. It lightens automatically at dusk using the stored energy. The number of working hours depends on geographical areas, weather conditions etc. With proper installation, maintenance and service it works year’s trouble free.

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Standalone Solar Lights

This model where no TNEB power is provided. Solar panel, LED light and battery will be installed with auto on off sensor in single pole with customized way. Here all in one model also available.

Solar Standalone Lights
Solar Standalone Lights

Centralize solar street lighting

This model is suggested where already street light are utilizing the power from TNEB or remote place where battery maintained or theft may be predicted or more shade, can be converted by placing the Solar Pv and battery centralized place.

Solar High Mast Lighting System

A Solar PV White- LED High Mast Light consist of white LED luminary of maximum 4*18 Watt ( LED + Driver) as per configuration along with solar PV modules and battery of given capacity, necessary control electronics-inter connecting wires / cables, module mounting structures operate the load for dusk to dawn. The broad performance specifications of a White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED) light source based solar High Mast lighting.

Solar Standalone Lights
Solar Standalone Lights

Solar LED lighting

We help you to love the nature as well as lightens your homes or offices by providing solar LED lighting system for home interior, commercial building etc. It takes solar energy as the input to recharge themselves. It is the best option you can have for saving power and environment simultaneously.