Solar PV EPC

We provide customized structure to flat and gated community. In order to avoid the problems occurred due to common area space.

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What do we offer?

ReFabO offers Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning services under Solar EPC Solutions for utility scale ground-mounted, rooftop and distributed Solar Parks and so on.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Engineering, Procurement and Construction, EPC, projects are often called turnkey construction contracts because the contractor has to deliver the facility such that the customers need to only “turn the key” to start functioning the facility. The contractor is liable to hand over the facility within the stipulated time and budget, with functions and performance agreed upon by both parties.

EPC Functions

Engineering Functions
Basic Engineering Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering Detailed Engineering
Basic Engineering Planning
Basic Engineering Construction Engineering
Procurement Functions
Basic Engineering Logistics & Transport
Basic Engineering Receiving & Procurement
Basic Engineering Invoicing
Basic Engineering Purchasing
Construction Functions
Basic Engineering Electrical Installation
Basic Engineering Erection & Commissioning
Commissioning Functions
Basic Engineering After Sales Service
Basic Engineering Testing & Commissioning

On-Grid Solar PV Roof-top System

In this arrangement, solar panels are installed on the top of the roof of the individual residents, other buildings or for commercial purpose such as industries, organizations or institutions. The solar panels take in sunlight as the input and convert it into electricity. The Direct current thus generated is converted to alternating current by solar inverters and powers the electrical appliances. This electricity is then routed to grid for utilization. In case consumer uses less power than produced the excess power is fed back to the grid for which the consumer will be paid by the concerning authorities. The installation for on-grid is simple and has zero maintenance due to the absence of batteries. It reduces electricity cost to a great extent on addition to creating additional income to the customer by feeding backing the excess power to the grid.

We provide customize structure to flat and gate community customer. In order to avoid the problem occurred due common area space.

On-Grid Solar PV EPC

Off-Grid Solar PV Roof-top System

Off-grid system which uses batteries for storing energy is independent of girds. They are standalone systems which can provide electricity even though power is not available since they are grid independent. The power is generated during day time and excess power is utilized during night time. Provides access to electricity for remote areas which cannot access the grid system for power and when power failures occur.

Off-Grid Solar PV EPC